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Quincy Medical Center Evacuated After Icicle Ruptures Gas Line

QUINCY (CBS) – A falling icicle ruptured a gas line at Quincy Medical Center, forcing an evacuation of the building.

Police said Wednesday at about 2 p.m. that the medical center was evacuated due to the gas leak that occurred in an administrative building after a two-inch pipe was sliced in two by a falling icicle.

Gas was shut off to the building while 10 patients and 26 staff members were evacuated from the area.

Whitwell Street was closed due to the incident and drivers were asked to avoid the area.

"This is pretty significant sheering a pipe this size, about a two-inch pipe," said Quincy Fire Lt. Jay Toner. "Some heavy pressure coming out. That was the first time I've sen that in a while."

Last Wednesday, a Westford house caught fire after an ice dam gave way and broke a gas meter attached to the home. The fumes ignited, leading to a three-alarm blaze.

National Grid urged New England customers to clear snow and ice from the roofs of their homes to prevent damage.

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