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Man charged with kidnapping woman from Wollaston MBTA station, raping her

Woman kidnapped from MBTA station, sexually assaulted
Woman kidnapped from MBTA station, sexually assaulted 02:09

QUINCY - A Quincy man is under arrest, accused of kidnapping and raping a 64-year-old woman over the weekend. Christian Lynch, 26, allegedly abducted the victim from the Wollaston MBTA station shortly after 7 a.m. Saturday.

The Norfolk County District Attorney said the victim was taken to another location that still remains under investigation. 

"It is alleged that she was held there all day, repeatedly assaulted, and eventually transported to a parking area near the Lowes home improvement store in Brockton and left there, still restrained," the district attorney said.

Police said Lynch tried to kidnap another woman just 18 minutes before at the same MBTA station. That woman was able to get away.

Women who travel at the MBTA station every day say the situation is terrifying.

"We are not safe anymore, anywhere," Diane Mahan said. "I very often go to work first thing early in the morning to my job in Boston and now I am afraid, I'm afraid to do that."

"That's kind of sadly the fact of traveling as a woman," said Colleen Arria, "and it just saddens me that there wasn't anything posted or like you don't see any increased presence of safety." 

Police said they used surveillance video from the T station to help them identify Lynch and arrest him Sunday. He pleaded not guilty Monday to several charges including rape, kidnapping and strangulation.  He's being held without bail until his next hearing on November 23.

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