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Quincy 6-Year-Old Calls 911 On Father For Running Red Light

QUINCY (CBS) – A 6-year-old Quincy boy called 911 to report his father drove through a red light.

A recording of the 911 call was shared Wednesday on the Quincy Police Department Facebook page.

"Every day we answer numerous 911 calls," police said. "Often times, these calls are from individuals who are in need of immediate assistance. Sometimes, it's a simple misdial. Then there's Robert's 9-1-1 call. Robert is a six year old resident of Quincy."

911 Quincy
Robbie and Mike Richardson. (WBZ-TV)

Robbie Richardson's father, Mike, says the two were on their way back from shopping when he took a right turn at a red light. To make matters worse, Mike was driving his wife's new car.

"He tells me, 'Hey Dad, you just went through a red light.' And I said, 'No Robbie, you can go through that one as long as you stop and there's nobody coming you can go.' He says, 'No you can't. That light was red.' So we get into the car wash and he says, I'm going to call the police dad," Richardson said.

When they got home, Mike says, Robbie called 911, before handing the phone over.

6 year old calls 9-1-1 by Quincy Police on YouTube

In the 911 audio, the dispatcher asks Robbie what his emergency is.

"My daddy went past a red light," Robert says.

The dispatcher asks him what happened next.

"We had to go to the car wash and then he went past the red light," he adds.

At that point in the call, the dispatcher asks Robert to get his father. Mike gets on the line and quickly realizes what the call is about.

"Oh no, I apologize," he says with a laugh, before telling the dispatcher there is no emergency.

Mike Bowes, the dispatch officer who fielded the call, also got a laugh out of the exchange.

"Interesting listening to him tell me the whole story about how his father ran the light in his mother's new car," Bowes said. "Then I wanted to check on the father to make sure the father was OK because he ran the light in his mother's new car."

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