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Puppy Euthanized After 'Horrific Case Of Torture'

BOSTON (CBS) - Quincy Police are calling on the public to find the person who abused a dog so severely she couldn't be saved.

August 31 the pit bull mix was found on Carrolls Lane near a playground in Quincy.

Found with no name and no one to answer for the years of suffering she endured, the frail dog was named "Puppy Doe."

"They're a freak, a total freak," said Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore, Vice President of Animal Welfare at the Animal Rescue League, of the dog's alleged abuser. "Splitting her tongue, burning her nose, stabbing her eye, it's the totality of the types of injuries. Not only was she beaten she was stabbed she was burned its all kinds of injures. It's a sick mind that can do this to an animal."

Smith-Blackmore performed the autopsy and found Puppy Doe sustained more than 17 injuries in the one to two years she was alive.

Quincy residents like Bob Shea say they want to see justice for Puppy Doe.

"It's horrible. There's no excuse for it. Whoever did it, I don't care if its the owner or some other nut, put them in jail and throw the key away," insisted Shea.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston, Quincy Police Department and Norfolk District Attorney's office are asking the public's help in identifying the person responsible for the animal torture.

Quincy Police Chief Paul Keenan said a detective is looking for the alleged abuser. "We take it very seriously," he says. "We don't have an awful lot to go on right now, but we are canvassing the area to see who belongs to this dog or where the dog came from."

Norfolk District Attorney Morrissey said he has assigned a prosecutor with experience and training in animal cruelty cases to assist in the investigation.

Morrissey urged people with information on the dog or its owner to come forward. "We think the individual who may be involved in this type of torture of an animal is capable of doing it again to another animal or even worse."

Anyone with information, is asked to contact the Animal Rescue League at 617-226-5610 or Quincy Police Det. Thomas Pepdjonovich at 617-745-5774.

You can also report animal cruelty on the ARL website.

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