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Providence strip club robbed of $22,000 in $1 bills

Armed robber steals $22,000 in one dollar bills from Providence strip club
Armed robber steals $22,000 in one dollar bills from Providence strip club 00:29

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - The manager of a Providence strip club says he was robbed at gunpoint of thousands of dollars - most of it in $1 bills.

The Cadillac Lounge manager Ed Imondi told WPRI-TV that he was counting money before the club opened when a man walked in and aimed a gun at his head, saying "this is a a robbery."

The Cadillac Lounge CBS Boston

Imondi said the man took $3,500 from his hands, and then demanded he open the other safe that contained $22,000 in $1 bills.

"He took all the ones, I could hear him stacking them into the big bag he had," Imondi told the station. "Obviously, he knew we had a lot of money in there."

WPRI reports that 30-year-old Jontay Goode is facing an armed robbery charge in connection with the incident. Police said he was wearing a mask to disguise himself.

A robbery is being investigated at the Cadillac Lounge in Providence Cadillac Lounge

The club owner had said he believed it may have been an inside job, because the man seemed to know the layout of the building and which safe had the most money. 

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