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Presidents..Past And Present...And My Friend Rudy

     It's probably  not a good thing to start writing a posting for the blog site, considering my emotional state at the moment, but here goes anyway......and I'll explain the "emotional state" in a moment.

     First, George W. Bush.   The former President I've seen interviewed a half-dozen times in the past two days, is not the same guy who was running this country for eight years.  I've interviewed the former President myself and yes he's still got that Texas swagger about him, (not a compliment) that goofy laugh and that sometimes inarticulate way of explaining things, but "dad gum it" (that's my Southern speak) he's relaxed, he's comfortable with himself, he's proud of his new book, "Decision Points" and yes I did mumble to myself a couple of times "I think I do miss this guy."   I watched the Matt Lauer interview with him first and "W" impressed me.   Stumble-bum Matt sure didn't, but George W did.    But the interviewed I really enjoyed, with all nuances included, was W's interview with Oprah.    Ya know what?   I think even the big "O" liked him.....a lot.....and coming from that Obama Kool-Aid drinker, that's saying a lot.

     Ok, a couple of quickies:  The President of the United States, one day after his administration took a political "shellacking" (his word) like none other in recent history, leaves the country for a 10-day junket.   Big Associated Press headline in the paper today..."Obama reaches out to Muslims in Indonesia."   Do you think if Barack had reached out to some hurting, out-of-work Americans instead of Bambang Yudhoyono, thing could have been different on election day?   Yes, that really is the President of Indonesia's name...Bambang!!!

     Regarding my "emotional state":   I lost a good buddy yesterday.  His name was Rudy.  He's been living in my home since he was a few weeks old, 16 and a half years ago.  Rudy was diagnosed with liver cancer about six months ago and he fought long and hard to beat it.   But Rudy lost the battle yesterday.   My wife and I stood and cried while Rudy was mercifully sent on his journey to Kitty Heaven.    Rudy, our cat has died.   His daughter Gelsey weeps as well, as she tries to fill the void.


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