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What to know about the post-Christmas cleanup

What to know about the post-Christmas cleanup
What to know about the post-Christmas cleanup 02:16

BOSTON - Now that Santa has packed up his sleigh and all the presents have been opened, parents know there's a lot of work to do, from properly disposing the Christmas tree to what to do with all that wrapping paper and boxes.

Recycling wrapping paper and boxes

Recycling experts said cardboard boxes and paper products that aren't lined can be recycled. Packing materials should get thrown out. As for wrapping paper, only certain types can be recycled.

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"Once you start getting into all the fancy stuff, the gloss, the metallic, the glitter, all of that just degrades the value of the paper," said Amy Hammes, a recycling specialist with the city of Burbank. "And so it's not recyclable."

What to do with the Christmas tree

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, people in Massachusetts buy a million cut Christmas trees every year. Simply throwing them out would waste reusable resources and create a disposal problem. Instead, use your town's Christmas tree collection program.

In Boston, trees are collected in January and are shredded for compost. Trees are collected on corresponding recycling days. Boston residents can check their recycling day by clicking here.

Post-Christmas travel

With Christmas and Hanukkah over, New Year's celebrations will be happening later this week. According to AAA, Thursday will be one of the busiest travel days on the road.

Travel experts said hitting the road before lunchtime or after 7 p.m. will ensure a smoother ride.

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