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Portuguese Man-Of-Wars Sting 12 At Horseneck Beach In Westport

WESTPORT (CBS) - What began as a beautiful beach day at Horseneck Beach in Westport ended with 12 people getting stung by Portuguese man-of-wars.

"We had several people get stung, " said DCR lifeguard Sean Sweeney. "So we're telling people to just keep a sharp eye out."

The man-of-war normally resides in warm water, but a strong southerly wind likely carried them to the shores of Horseneck Beach.

The creature is like a jellyfish, but not exactly. It has long, venomous tentacles that can cause a lot of pain if they come in contact with skin.

Beachgoers today were aware the man-of-wars were around, but it didn't stop anyone from going in the ocean.

"No, I'm aware there's stuff in the ocean, but I still want to swim," said one woman.

"I'm looking…and if I see one, I'll go the other way!" another beachgoer quipped.


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