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Police: Official Overtime Cost For Occupy Boston At $146K

BOSTON (CBS) – Boston police have released the first official numbers on just how much it's costing to patrol the Occupy Boston protests.

In total, Boston police officers have logged a total of 3056 overtime hours since they began covering the protests on October 1.

The overall cost of that overtime has been put at $146,189.55.

Boston police's official figure is much lower than the one suggested earlier in the week by City Council President Stephen Murphy.

Murphy said the department could spend as much as $2 million this month alone on security during the protests.

It wasn't immediately clear how Murphy came up with the $2 million estimate.

Murphy did say police would continue to do their job regardless of cost.

Protesters have vowed to remain in Dewey Square possibly through December.

Boston police continue to patrol the area to ensure things stay civil.


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