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Sources: Police Officer Shot In Braintree, Suspect Barricaded

BOSTON (CBS) -- A police officer has been shot at a Motel 6 on Union Street in Braintree.

UPDATE: Suspect Dead, Officer Injured At Braintree Motel

Sources tell the I-Team that a suspect has been barricaded and hostage negotiators are on the scene.  The SWAT team also responded.

According to the Braintree Fire Department, the officer has been transported to Boston Medical Center. He is suffering non-life threatening injuries, sources said.

Officials said the incident occurred just after 9 p.m. on Friday when an officer arrived at the motel and the suspect opened fire.

Streets surrounding the area and the Braintree T-station have been shut down.

The motel, which was full at the time, has been evacuated, according to sources.

"I was just watching TV and then I heard gunshots," one man who was saying in the hotel recalled. "And that was about it. I went outside and they had the guy trapped in the corner so I just got evacuated, kicked out of the room."

A man could be hurt over police radio transmittions as the incident unfolded saying, "shots fired, get on the ground. I'm hit, I'm hit!"

When asked if he was alright, the officer responded, "I can't see out of my left eye. I think I got hit in the arm, but I'm good."

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