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Chicopee Police Officer Charged With Rape In Ayer

CLINTON (CBS) — A Chicopee police officer, who is also an Army veteran, is charged with rape, kidnapping and assault in Ayer.

Corey Fournier, 27, was released on $5,000 bail after he pleaded not guilty to the charges at his arraignment in Clinton District Court Tuesday.

With his hand tightly clasped to his wife's, Fournier left court surrounded by media cameras.

His defense attorney said Fournier "definitely denies the charges and he'll look forward to proving his innocence later in court."

The prosecutor said Fournier raped a fellow member of the National Guard at Fort Devens early Saturday morning and held the victim against that person's will during training. They did not know each other, investigators said.

Corey Fournier
Corey Fournier at his arraignment in Clinton District Court , March 6, 2018. (WBZ-TV)

Fournier was arrested at the Chicopee Police Department Monday night after he went there voluntarily to meet with State Police detectives.

Fournier has been a patrolman in Chicopee for more than three years.

He's been placed on administrative leave without pay. Police confiscated his weapon, badge, identification and personal firearms.

Fournier's attorney said his client has served two tours in the Middle East and nine-and-a-half years in the National Guard.  He's married with two children.

In a statement, the Massachusetts National Guard called the allegations against Fournier "very disturbing and inconsistent with the values of the Massachusetts National Guard."

"The Massachusetts National Guard remains fully committed to eradicating sexual assault and sexual harassment from its ranks," the statement said. "Leaders, Soldiers and Airmen of the Massachusetts National Guard take action to prevent such events from occurring through training, mentoring, reporting and correcting."

"The allegations against Specialist Corey Fournier are very disturbing and inconsistent with the values of the Massachusetts National Guard," the statement said. "Due to the nature of these alleged crimes, the civilian criminal justice system holds jurisdiction. The Massachusetts National Guard is taking appropriate action to maintain good order and discipline. No further information is available at this time. "

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