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Police Hunt For Teens Who Attacked, Taunted Gay Man On Orange Line

BOSTON (CBS) - MBTA Police are searching for three teens who allegedly attacked and taunted a gay man on the Orange Line.

Police describe the July 10 incident as a civil rights crime.

The three teens now appear on a "Wanted" poster for the alleged anti-gay hate-crime that began at the State Street T stop.

A 27-year-old man was about to board the Orange Line, when one of the suspects began taunting him, saying "my friend says you should shave your legs."

WBZ-TV's Christina Hager reports

As the doors opened on the train, they shoved him onto the train.

That train headed to Haymarket.

"He was challenged to fight because of his sexual orientation throughout the ride from State Street to Haymarket, causing him to be even more alarmed," said Lt. Mark Gillespie of Transit Police.

As the teens got off the train at Haymarket, police said one of them said, "you want a piece of me?" in a threatening tone to the man, who pushed an emergency buzzer on the train for help.

By the time officers arrived, the teens ran off.

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