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State Police Find $10K Worth Of Crystal Meth Stuffed In Valentine's Day Package

CHELSEA (CBS) - Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like chocolate, a teddy bear and Crystal Methamphetamine?

That's what police say was stuffed in a Valentine's Day-themed package sent to the home of a Chelsea man.

Lawrence Ligocki, 63, was arrested on drug trafficking charges after local, state, and federal investigators recovered about $10,000 worth of Crystal Methamphetamine, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said.

Meth - Bags
Bags of crystal meth were found inside a teddy bear. (Credit: Suffolk County District Attorney)

Police say almost 100 grams of Crystal Meth was discovered inside a teddy bear in a package Ligocki accepted at his Williard Street home.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, postal inspectors told state police they noticed a suspicious package addressed to Lagocki.

After using drug-sniffing dogs at the mail facility, police got a search warrant.

Suspecting there were drugs inside, a postal inspector posing as a mail carrier delivered the package.

When the inspector told the man his package was a day late, police say Lagocki told the inspector he knew that.

But after police handed Lagocki a search warrant for the package and his home, he said he didn't know where the package came from, police said.

Inside the package, police found several heart-shaped Whitman's Sampler chocolate boxes and a stuffed teddy bear.

Inside the bear, police found three bags of Crystal Meth.

Ligocki was arrested and after a search of his home, police found an additional bag of Crystal Meth in a glass jar.

Ligocki was arraigned last week and released on $150 cash bail. He is due back in court March 4.

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