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Police Believe Thefts At Boston Apartments Are Inside Job

BOSTON (CBS) - Whoever is breaking into upscale apartments on Marlborough Street is doing it using a key. Boston Police are investigating and they are trying to get answers from a well-known property management company. Chief Correspondent Joe Shortsleeve has learned there have been at least five break-ins but never any sign of forced entry.

"I want to feel safe in my building and I want everyone else to feel safe too," one resident told WBZ-TV.

She does not want her name used but she lives at 116 Marlborough Street in Boston. It is one of the nicest addresses in Boston but something disturbing has been happening. Police believe someone using one key for the front door and other keys for individual units has been stealing jewelry and laptops. At least four of the building's ten units have been hit. This woman has been hit twice.

Shortsleeve: "What are detectives saying to you about what is happening here?"

She says, "They also have the same assumption that it is an inside job from what we know."

Meaning that someone is believed to have a key.

The building is managed by Premier Property Solutions located on Summer Street. Closed Monday, the company president, Chris Buono, told Joe Shortsleeve on the phone that they have changed all the locks at 116 Marlborough Street. Buono says all those keys will now be locked up.

Another woman, who also did not want to be identified, told WBZ her apartment is also missing valuables. She says a police detective told her, "Somebody had been coming in using a key and then re-locking the door behind them."

The woman said police believed that someone in the management company was responsible.

Both women are planning on moving out. They want others to know what is going on.

"What if I had been home when someone came in," she said. "It is a very unsettling situation and I don't think the management company has done much to address it."

Again, the President of Premier Property Solutions disagrees. Chris Buono tells WBZ that they are being responsive and they may add additional security. He said that this is not an internal issue, and pointed out that real estate brokers also have apartment keys.

When Joe Shortsleeve asked him if any of his employees were under investigation or if any employees had been let go, he said he could not comment.

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