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Polar Seltzer Unveils 'Unicorn Kisses' Flavor

WORCESTER (CBS) -- Polar Seltzer has a new flavor--and a whole new "brand look and feel"--out just in time for April Fool's Day.

The Worcester-based, family-owned company issued a press release this week detailing the changes. In a special page on the company's website, they described how their great-great-grandfather developed the popular beverage after an encounter with a magical animal. That's why, they say, they've changed their logo from a bear to a unicorn.

"After much consideration and introspection the brand has released new UNICORN KISSES seltzer to chill consumers and leverage the unmet demand for sparkle and happiness," reads the release.

"For years the brand has told consumers that it was the family patriarch Dennis Crowley who had created the "best tasting bubble recipe" in 1882," it continues. "But now, the new sources within Polar Beverages company's archives indicate that it was actually magical realism that captured the first sparkle and happiness within each bottle of Polar Seltzer."

Explaining the new packaging, the company's mascot, Orson the bear, said, "Rainbows resonate with a lot of people, so getting to the end of the rainbow was important to us. Plus, people love Unicorns."

The company wants people to tweet about the new style using the hashtag #PolarSeltzerUnicorn "so people cans see that dreams do come true."

Polar's new "Unicorn Kisses" bottle. (Bree Sison/WBZ-TV)

If you still don't get the reason behind the company's huge "brand shift," take a look at the date on the bronze seal in the photo above.

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