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'It Just Can't Happen Again': Boxing Match Breaks Out At White Horse Beach In Plymouth

PLYMOUTH (CBS) - Monday was the picture of serenity at White Horse Beach in Plymouth. A day many of us would cherish.

But Sunday? Call it mayhem if you want.

A boxing match was staged, attracting a couple hundred people, cheering and reveling in the fight.

White Horse Beach fight
A fight broke out at White Horse Beach in Plymouth that had several on-lookers. (Photo Credit: WTW Mass)

"That's the key, It's definitely behavior we want to discourage, and we don't want on the beach. We don't think that's appropriate for there," said Plymouth Police Chief Mike Botieri. "There's no specific law to cite that you could say could be causing a disturbance."

But residents around White Horse Beach say civility in their neighborhood is starting to disintegrate. And it's not from the locals.

"It just wasn't pretty. And It just can't happen again. I can't have residents that are afraid to come out of their houses. That can't come out and enjoy the beach that they pay property tax for," said Select Board member Betty Cavacco.

Locals say the past couple of summers have attracted a rowdy crowd to this family beach

And Sunday's fight reached new depths. Even some kids didn't think it was appropriate.

"If I was a family, I would never, ever come here. That was not family-beach worthy, and it was immature," said one person.

The selectman are having a meeting Tuesday night, and one of the proposals before them is going to be to raise parking fines to $200. Right now, people have to have a resident sticker, but the fine is only $50 if one doesn't have one.

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