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Plymouth restaurant server keeps promise, pays for veterans' meals on Veterans Day

Plymouth restaurant server paying for veterans' meals on Saturday
Plymouth restaurant server paying for veterans' meals on Saturday 02:10

PLYMOUTH - Corey Dries is a server at a Plymouth restaurant, and he wanted to do something on Veterans Day for those who served in the military. For every vet he served Saturday, he offered to pay for their meals as well.

Dries kept his promise.

He told WBZ-TV that Saturday was a busy day at the Ocho Café in Colony Place.

"I think I bought about 20 or so meals," he said in an email Sunday. "The meals cost about $600."

Dries posted his plan on social media last week and suddenly ended up with hundreds of dollars in donations to help him cover the costs.

There was some money left over so he said he'll donate it to the VA Medical Center in Brockton.

Dries told WBZ last week he wanted to join the military when he was younger, but his doctors advised him not to serve because of a series of mental health complications. He's come up with other ways to serve. During the Iraq War he helped put together 5,000 care packages to send to American troops overseas.

"All of this negativity in this world, I just want to put a smile on peoples' face. I shaved my head last month for breast cancer awareness. I give back to police departments and fire departments. I want people to realize the younger generation should do this. This is something that people don't get enough," Dries told WBZ. "I never expected a small act of kindness to blow up to this." 

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