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Plymouth Woman Creates Bicycle Treasure Hunt For Kids In Need

PLYMOUTH (CBS) -- A holiday treasure hunt in Plymouth is bringing bikes to children in need. Lynn Holdsworth has been hiding bikes around the Manomet neighborhood and then posting photos of bicycles online so others can find them.

She gives clues as to where they might be and hopes a child who could really use one finds it.

"That was really the goal: to help a kid and a family in need and one of the rules is, if you're not in need, please don't play, or if you do and find a bike, if you're fortunate enough that you don't need it, gift it to a friend of yours that needs it," Holdsworth said. "I want it to go to somebody in need, I hope that's happening."

One of the bicycles Lynn Holdsworth is giving away in Manomet (Photo Via Lynn Holdsworth

She told WBZ-TV the response has been amazing.

"I thought about doing it anonymously but I wanted to do it on social media because I wanted that [Christmas] spirit to spread," said Holdsworth. "I feel like a Christmas elf. Every time I go and hide a bike, I am so excited and I have so much fun with it."

Holdsworth started by buying seven bikes, and an eighth was donated. She is accepting bike donations to keep the game going, anyone interested can email her at

"It's been so joyful that I really want to continue it."


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