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Plymouth Man Survives Lightning Strike

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – A Plymouth man is shocked that he survived a lightning strike Wednesday.

"I just saw a big flash," Bruno DiFilippo told WBZ-TV a day later.

"I look down and I saw these blue sparks come out of my ankles and it went about five, ten feet."

The lightning bolt went in his shoulder and out his ankles as he was holding a hose outside his home.

His girlfriend witnessed the terrifying scene.

"All of a sudden I see him kind of jolt, his eyes turn bright red, he lit up like a Christmas tree," Lisa Rengucci said. "He shook just a tad, and he's talking the whole time, and he says, 'I think I was just zapped!'"

EMTs took Bruno to the hospital after the lightning strike. Even though the electricity shot out of his ankles, it left a mark only for a short time.

The diagnosis?

"I am a really lucky man," he said.

Asked what kind of vitamins he takes, he told WBZ: "Espresso."


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