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Photo Shows Shark Lurking Close To Surfers On Cape Beach

BOSTON (CBS) – The summer may be over, but there are still sharks swimming off the coast of Massachusetts.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy posted a frightening aerial photo on its Facebook page Tuesday, showing a white shark swimming just yards away from two surfers off South Beach in Orleans last week.

Orleans Shark
A white shark swims near two surfers off South Beach in Orleans. (Photo courtesy: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy)

Here's the message the conservancy added with the photo:

"Uneventful encounters with white sharks are likely a common occurrence along our shores, indicating these sharks are not the mindless killers they were once thought to be. However, they still pose a risk and it's important for people to be aware of their presence. White sharks are hunting seals in our region for a significant portion of the year. Beachgoers entering the water for recreational activities should follow precautions to improve their safety."


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