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Phillip Dorsett Shares Some Regret For Choosing Patriots Over Seahawks Last Year

BOSTON (CBS) -- Phillip Dorsett's tenure as a member of the Patriots was a wild one. For some long stretches, he'd be a magnet for the football. For other longer stretches, he might as well have been invisible to Tom Brady.

The ending of that three-year Patriots career wasn't spectacular, as Dorsett didn't get to take the step forward that he likely hoped to make when he re-upped with New England last March. Now a member of the Seattle Seahawks, Dorsett said that he wishes he made that move last year.

"I could've went ... I felt like it was one year too la-- not too late, because I could've came last year, and I chose to stay in New England, but I didn't want to make that mistake again," Dorsett said in his video conference with the Seattle media this week.

Dorsett, a 27-year-old with tremendous speed and sure hands, is hopeful that he's able to be more of an impact player in Brian Schottenheimer's and Russell Wilson's offense.

"I felt like this was the right offense for me," he said. "Obviously Russell is a great quarterback. I think the way that he plays quarterback and the way that this offense is fits my skill-set."

While Dorsett expressed regret for not making the jump to Seattle a year earlier, he did share all of the positives he gained from playing in New England.

"I mean I learned a lot. Being in New England, I learned a lot of ball. Not just offensively -- you've gotta sit in and you've gotta listen to everything special teams-wise, defensively. I mean, I learned a lot about different coverages and just listening to Josh McDaniels and Tom dissect a playbook, dissect a defense, I mean I learned a lot of football, and I definitely take it with me here to Seattle," Dorsett said. "I think me being in New England definitely helped me for my foreseeable future."

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Dorsett has good reason for optimism in 2020. Despite a dip in receptions, he's coming off a career-high five-touchdown season, despite just 54 targets on the year.

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