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Surveillance Video Shows Chism At Movie Theater After Teacher's Murder

SALEM (CBS) - In court Monday, prosecutors introduced more evidence against Philip Chism they say will prove without question he should go to prison for the murder of Colleen Ritzer.

New surveillance video shows Chism buying a movie ticket just after prosecutors say he raped and murdered his Danvers High School math teacher. And the theater's manager says he used Ritzer's credit card to buy it, then left shortly after.

Surveillance also shows him near the middle aisle at BJs, crouching at one point and walking out. The prosecutor showing a knife she says he stole there, before setting off on a walk along the woods where police picked him up.

Philip Chism
Surveillance video shows Philip Chism at movie theater after Colleen Ritzer's murder (WBZ-TV)

Jurors watched as a State Police investigator displayed clothing stained with blood, an array of different colored shirts he changed in and out of, Chism's jeans, the Sesame Street shirt he's seen wearing in surveillance including one shot of him nonchalantly pulling Ritzer's body inside a recycling barrel by an unknowing dog walker.

Judge David Lowy urged jurors to avoid relatives asking about the case at Thanksgiving gatherings.

"You just have to tell them 'I'm going to have to leave Thanksgiving if you keep trying to talk to me or you'll have to leave my house if you're the one doing all the work,'" Lowy said.

Just as the judge was dismissing the jury for the week, Colleen Ritzer's mother, who has been stoic all along, broke down. She was breathing heavy and gasping for breath, apparently overwhelmed by the emotion.

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