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Phantom Gourmet: The Fix Burger Bar In Worcester

Sometimes you just crave a great burger--and when you need that fix, just head to The Fix Burger Bar in Worcester.

"The Fix is your medicine, your remedy, and we thought there's nothing more comforting and medicinal than a good burger and a good drink," says owner Mike Covino.

Covino has always loved burgers, so when he decided to open The Fix, he and his team spent months making sure they created the perfect patty.

phantom gourmet the fix burger bar worcester

"Our house grind is 60% chuck and 40% short rib," said Covino. "So it's gonna have some earthy texture and some richness to it, so it really just lends a lot of flavor. Makes for an exceptional burger."

These seven-ounce patties are sizzled up on a flat top, then finished with fixings that range from ordinary to outrageous.

phantom gourmet the fix burger bar worcester
A burger at The Fix. (WBZ-TV)

"Some great toppings, that add flavor and texture without overpowering the beef, a bun that compliments all those, so I can really appreciate all those layers of flavor and all those ingredients together," said Covino.

Before your burger, there are plenty of great appetizers to snack on. Afterwards, there are a couple of cool desserts. And to wash it all down, the bar mixes up classic cocktails, homemade sodas, and thick creamy handmade milkshakes.

phantom gourmet the fix burger bar worcester milkshakes
Shakes at The Fix Burger Bar. (WBZ-TV)

"It's a legit milk shake," said Covino. "And we just shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, and serve it freezing cold, but it's nice and frothy, it's got nice bubbles on top, and we just pour it in that classic soda fountain glass, a little whipped cream, serve it to you, and you're happy."

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