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Peyton And Eli Manning Are Apparently Placing Curses On NFL Players -- Including Tom Brady

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Peyton Manning and Eli Manning seem like nice fellows. It's part of what's made their "Manningcast" on Monday Night Football such a hit.

But behind those friendly drawls and goofy faces apparently lies something sinister.

Whether by black magic, voodoo, or other nefarious means learned during their youth in New Orleans, the Manning brothers have seemingly placed a curse on all of their Monday night guests this season.

The evidence is mounting.

As dutifully noted by Ryan Talbot of Syracuse .com ...

Russell Wilson was the first guest of the season. He and the Seahawks lost their next game. Travis Kelce joined the broadcast the same night as Wilson; his Chiefs lost the following week, as well.

In Week 3, Matthew Stafford joined the brothers live on air; Stafford's Rams lost their next game. It was the Rams' lone loss of the season.

Following along with that theme, Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady have both been guests on the broadcast. Gronk was on in Week 2. Brady was on in Week 7. And wouldn't you know it -- the only two Bucs losses of the year came after those appearances.

Something wicked is clearly afoot. And the Mannings have to know about it.

The brothers welcomed Josh Allen to the program on Monday night, so the curse will be put to the test when the Bills visit the Jaguars on Sunday. This will be the ultimate heat check for the curse, as the Jaguars are absolutely wretched. They're 1-6, and they've been outscored by 80 points in their seven games. They lost 31-7 against Geno Smith and the Seahawks this past weekend. The 5-2 Bills should have no problem with a team that bad.

But if they do? We'll know where to point the finger.

These brothers are up to no good. And if they can conquer Tom Brady, then they can conquer anyone.

UPDATE, Nov. 7: OK, this is officially spooky. The Bills -- who were 14.5-point favorites in Jacksonville -- lost to the Jaguars on Sunday, 9-6. Josh Allen was 31-for-47 for 264 yards with no touchdowns, two interceptions, and a lost fumble.

The six-point output was the worst for the Bills since they scored six points in Week 17 of the 2019 season.

Prior to this week, the "curse" was all fun and games. But it's now no joke.

Good luck to the Mannings in getting any more guests to join their telecast.

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