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Peter Gammons: Xander Bogaerts has "severed ties" with Red Sox

BOSTON -- When the Red Sox failed to sign Xander Bogaerts to a new deal before Opening Day, the expectation was that he was going to leave Boston.

When Bogaerts finished the season without a new deal, the expectation was that he was going to leave Boston.

And when Bogaerts opted out of his contract earlier this month, the expectation was that, yes, he was going to be leaving Boston.

Still, for as long as Bogaerts remains a free agent, there remains a sliver of a chance that the Red Sox could finally make the offer that keeps him in Boston for the duration of his career.

Alas, that does not appear to be on the table. Not according to Peter Gammons.

Gammons tweeted on Wednesday that Bogaerts has "severed ties" with Boston and "won't be going back." Gammons heard that news from three different front offices.

Certainly, there does not appear to be much wiggle room for even a sliver of hope to remain for Bogaerts remaining in Boston.

Gammons was responding to a Ken Rosenthal story, in which Rosenthal laid out the possibility of Bogaerts signing with the Padres, where he would play first base or second base on a temporary basis, while possibly moving to third base in 2024 if Manny Machado opts out of his deal. 

It's unknown if such an option is something Bogaerts would even consider, just as it's largely unknown where the 30-year-old will end up signing. What thing that appears to be known by people around baseball is that Bogaerts won't be signing in Boston.

UPDATE: Since Gammons' tweet spread, both agent Scott Boras and Red Sox president/CEO Sam Kennedy have denied that doors have closed in Boston.

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