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Peter Gammons On Felger & Mazz: Divide Exists Between Bobby Valentine, Red Sox Coaches

Peter Gammons of joined Felger and Massarotti to talk some Boston Red Sox and the perception of their "toxic" clubhouse.

Is the Red Sox clubhouse a "toxic" environment? Where is the pulse of the Sox? Who's to blame for the issues -- Bobby Valentine or the players?

"I don't know if toxic is quite the word," Gammons said, adding that it's not a players-players issue but a manager-players issue. "I think there's still a lot to be ironed out there."

Is there division within the Sox coaching staff?

"I think it's an issue. I don't think there's any question that it's an issue," Gammons said. "There is some divide there with the coaches. It's a matter of respect. It'll be very interesting to see if it does work itself out."

Are the Red Sox handling the Dustin Pedroia thumb injury properly? Gammons said the Sox can only do so much.

"He's so bound and determined to play, that he's going to play," Gammons said. "I'm worried -- I look at it his numbers and I say not only has he hit .170 this month, but his numbers are by far the lowest slugging, on-base, OPS, walk-strikeout ratio, they're the worst of his career. So, I don't know whether he'd be better off sitting down for 10 days or playing. I think that he might go crazy sitting down, so maybe they just have to let him play and hope the thumb gets better."

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