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Pet owners warned after coyote attacks in Massachusetts

Pet owners warned after coyote attacks in Massachusetts
Pet owners warned after coyote attacks in Massachusetts 01:32

By Mike Sullivan, WBZ-TV

CONCORD -- In recent weeks, there have been three incidents of suspected coyote attacks on dogs in Massachusetts. They happened in Sudbury, Wayland, and Concord. In some instances, those attacks were deadly.

"[If you hear a coyote howling in the woods], at that point, if you have an animal outside you should go get it and bring it inside," suggests Concord Police Lt. Kevin Monahan

Mass Wildlife says coyotes can live in suburban, urban, and rural areas. It means anyone can run into one.

"Don't be intimidated by a coyote if they approach you. Try to scare them off or intimidate them by loud noises, bright lights, or spray them with a garden hose," tells Lt. Monahan.

A Sudbury family is adjusting to their new quiet. Their dog Scamp brought joy and laughter, filling their home and their hearts.

"For us he was just a bundle of love," said Paul Reising.

Police warn pet owners after fatal coyote attacks 02:07

It was during an evening lap of the backyard last week, that a coyote came. The dog didn't survive. "I said 'Scamp, it's Dad.' So he let me pick him up," Reising said.

For the Reisings, rather than dwell on what was taken, they're finding some comfort in what Scamp gave them. "I walked him around this block twice a day. He got me through COVID. That was my being out. The gym was closed," Reising said. 

Police suggest all pet owners keep their animals on a leash, and to only walk your furry friends outside if the area is well lit.

"It seems like every year, this time of year, we have the similar calls for service," adds Lt. Monahan.

They are opportunistic feeders that will seek out anything that is available. Lt. Monahan says all coyotes need is a small place to call home. If you are a homeowner with an open porch or shed, make sure those areas are secured.

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