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Group of friends leaves $7,200 tip for Peabody restaurant servers

Group of friends leave $7,200 tip for restaurant wait staff
Group of friends leave $7,200 tip for restaurant wait staff 00:32

PEABODY - A group of friends in Massachusetts continued an incredibly generous New Year's tradition on Monday.

They had breakfast at Red's Kitchen + Tavern in Peabody and left a $7,200 tip for servers Raisa and Nicole. 

"Stop it. That's ridiculous," the stunned waitresses said when their manager handed them a huge wad of cash in tips. "We appreciate it."

The friends met through the Peloton fitness community. They started the tradition in 2022 at Lowell's Restaurant in Mendon, leaving a huge tip as a "thank you" to the service industry for all they went through during the COVID pandemic. 

The group of friends who left a big tip in Peabody Jenene and Josh Vernon

In 2023 the group left a $4,600 tip at Plymouth's Tavern on the Wharf.

Group leaders Joshua and Jenene Vernon say they're hoping the act of kindness "encourages other people to do good through small efforts for one another."

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