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Report: Patriots Might Want Two First-Round Picks For Jimmy Garoppolo

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- The "will they or won't they?" saga regarding the Patriots' potential to trade Jimmy Garoppolo continues to dominate the NFL news cycle.

At this point, just about everything has been reported, from the Patriots' steadfastly refusing to even consider Garoppolo to the team's openness to dealing the backup QB for the right deal.

While it's difficult to discern the truth from reality, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has provided at least one view of what it would take for the Patriots to part ways with Garoppolo.

"Despite a report by ESPN that the Patriots won't trade Jimmy Garoppolo, I'm told that nothing has changed and that teams -- including the Browns -- will still try to land him," Cabot reported. "One source told me he believes it might take as much as a No. 1 this year and No. 1 next year."

That's a price that will likely prove prohibitive for any team to pay, considering Garoppolo is only a year away from free agency. Garoppolo will either leave his new team via free agency, get the franchise tag from that team, or sign a big-money long-term deal with that team. So adding the cost of two first-round picks likely explains why it has been reported that the Patriots simply won't be trading Garoppolo. The likelihood of any team being willing to part with two first-round picks -- even for a QB-desperate franchise like the Browns -- has to be close to zero.

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