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Why Is Tom Brady's Jersey Inside Out?

BOSTON (CBS) --  Is Tom Brady trying to set a new fashion trend this preseason, or is he just being a good spokesman for a company that pays him a boatload of money?

You may have noticed that Brady's jersey has been turned inside out when the quarterback has done his media interviews during training camp, making No. 12 look like a ragamuffin who just rolled out of bed and put on the first shirt he found on the floor.

Tom Brady (WBZ-TV)

Surprisingly, Julian Edelman hasn't copied this new trend -- yet.

Some have speculated that this is Brady's way of "sticking it" to the league, similar to the frantic investigation the Twitter police launched last preseason when the NFL logo was missing from Brady's helmet. It was a nice distraction as the DeflateGate saga continued ahead of Brady's four-game suspension.

Brady sheepishly explained his Kris Kross style to former teammate Willie McGinest on Tuesday, explaining that his jersey reversed as he was taking off his pads before the interview:

Removing one's pads could lead to a jersey being turned inside out, and maybe Brady just didn't feel like fixing it after a long day of practice. But it's a bit suspicious that it's happened twice this preseason when Brady has planted himself in front of cameras, especially when No. 12 (or No. 21 in these instances) is one of Under Armour's lead spokesmen.

In turning the jersey inside out, the Nike swooshes on each sleeve disappear, meaning Brady's mug isn't giving any free advertising to a company he doesn't represent. It's been a common practice by many athletes who represent a different company than the league's official sponsor. Michael Jordan, the face of Nike, famously did it during the 1992 Olympics when he would drape either a towel of flag over the Reebok logo on his Team USA jersey.

So, in a way, Brady is kind of sticking it to the NFL and one of their lead sponsors.

Players have been fined by the league in the past for adding unsanctioned logos to their helmets or wearing unapproved apparel (whether it be a shirt or hat) during their media availabilities. We'll have to wait and see if the NFL gives Brady another slap on the wrist for his new look. Chances are Under Amour would pick up the tab, not that Brady really needs the help.

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