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Tom Brady Has A Cold

BOSTON (CBS) --  You may have noticed that Tom Brady didn't look himself at Tuesday's Media Day.

No, it wasn't his bed head. And it wasn't from a lack of sleep thanks to an early morning fire alarm at the team's hotel.

As he prepares for the biggest game of the season, the Patriots quarterback is battling a cold.

And if you thought he looked rough on Tuesday, he looked a bit worse on Wednesday as he addressed the media at the team hotel in Chandler, Arizona.

"It's been lingering," Brady told reporters as he held court for nearly 45 minutes Wednesday morning. "I'm just trying to get some rest, and a lot of garlic. An old remedy, so I'm trying everything I can."

Brady said his kids got sick first, followed by his wife Gisele Bundchen, and now he's brought the illness to Arizona.

His sniffles were prominent and he had to wipe sweat from his brow on occasion as he fielded question after question, with many of the reporters having similar inquiries, but he handled them all in stride. While Media Day is a day for all the fun and goofy questions, the focus on Wednesday was mostly on the game itself.

And it will really feel like a return to normalcy when the Patriots resume practice this afternoon, as they prepare to face off against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

"It will be good to be back on the field today. There is a lot that goes with Super Bowl week, so it will be good to get on the field and re-focus," said Brady. "We have our game plan set, so now it's refining it and making sure it's where we want it to be.

"It's about having a good plan, and you're always confident going into the game. But you have to go out and execute it well. There won't be anything easy about it," he said. "There are only 65-70 plays left in the season, so every play you call is paramount. We have to be dialed in and make sure every play we call can lead to success."

As for the vaunted Seattle defense, Brady said he's watched more film than he ever has to prepare.

"They've been the best defense in the league for a long time. It's a big challenge for us," he said. "They've been playing really well, especially the second half of the season. There are not a lot of easy plays out there. They're smart and do a great job playing complementary football."

There's a lot to prepare for, but Brady sounds like he's in a good place -- cold and all.

"I'll be at 100 percent. I'm not worried about it at all," he said confidently.

Hopefully after Wednesday's practice session, he can sneak in a nap.

Tune in to Super Bowl XLIX on 98.5 The Sports Hub — the flagship station of the New England Patriots. It's the only place to hear Bob Socci & Scott Zolak's local call of the game!

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