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Tom Brady Had NFL's Top Selling Jersey In February -- In All 50 States

BOSTON (CBS) -- Fresh off the Patriots epic comeback in Super Bowl LI, a lot of people around the United States wanted a Tom Brady jersey.

While one guy was busy stealing his, it turns out lots of people went out and bought a No. 12 jersey. Brady was the NFL's top selling jersey in the month of February, a title he held in all 50 states.

That means everywhere, even in New York, Denver and Indianapolis, places where Brady and his Patriots aren't too welcomed by the masses, Brady jerseys were flying off the shelf.

Brady wasn't alone, either, with seven of his Patriots teammates also cracking the Top 25 in NFL jersey sales in February. Julian Edelman's No. 11 was the second on the list behind Brady, with Rob Gronkowski coming in fourth. That's it for Patriots in the Top 10, but running backs LeGarrette Blount (16th) and James White (19th), receivers Chris Hogan (18th) and Danny Amendola (21st) and cornerback Malcolm Butler (24th) all finished in the Top 25.

The Patriots may be hated nationally, internationally and even in the U.S. government, but they also have their fans in all sections of the country.

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