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'The Owl Is No Longer Wise': Billboard Knocks Bill Belichick Ahead Of Tom Brady's Return To Foxboro

FOXBORO (CBS) - He wears dark sunglasses and asked us to blur his face. This Patriots fan doesn't want you to know his identity. But he does want you to know he's backing Tom Brady over Bill Belichick when the Buccaneers face the Patriots on Sunday.

He calls himself "Jake In Boston."

"Camelot didn't have to end two years ago," he said.

He has a billboard in Foxboro and says, "68,000 people will see it on Sunday."

It towers over Route 1, not far from Gillette. Fans headed to the battle of Brady and Belichick will see it.

Tom Brady billboard
Billboard on Route 1 ahead of Patriots-Buccaneers game (WBZ-TV)

The billboard says, "The OWL is no longer wise without his GOAT!"

The goat, the greatest of all time, is Brady. The owl is Belichick, according to Jake.

"You play off the owl being once wise and maybe no longer as wise," Jake said. "And then the goat is the goat."

As mysterious as the man himself are the numbers on the bottom: 62-74. It's Bill Belichick's career record without Tom Brady.

"We have a data touch point that suggests that the quarterback was everything," Jake said. "The record without Tom is 12-under .500. Tom's record without Bill is 13 games over .500."

Jake spent $1500 on the billboard. The 37-year-old has been to all nine Patriots Super Bowls over the past 20 years.

He's just a little bitter about the break-up with Brady. "We haven't won anything since then," he said.

Bitter enough that he's now a Buccaneers season ticket holder. But he'll be at Gillette for the big game.

"The scenario I'd like to play out is (Brady) and Gronk and Antonio Brown beating their brains in," Jake said. "It's going to be a wild night."

Like most sports fans, Jake is picking a side and his side is right there of the side of Route 1.

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