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Brady Urged Belichick To Kick Late Field Goal In Super Bowl & More From Mic'd Up Patriots

BOSTON (CBS) -- We're getting an inside look at the Patriots' latest Super Bowl victory, from some tense moments late in the game to the euphoric celebration that followed.

New England head coach Bill Belichick and wide receiver (and game MVP) Julian Edelman were both mic'd up for Showtime's Inside The NFL, and both provided some great insight into the Patriots' 13-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams. Here are the highlights from Tuesday night's show:

Tom Brady Urged Bill Belichick To Kick Field Goal In 4th Quarter

Leading 10-3 with just over a minute left in the fourth quarter, the Patriots were stopped short on a third-and-1 run in L.A. territory. It was decision time for the Pats, who could either go for it on fourth down or attempt a 41-yard field goal. If the Pats picked up the first down they could simply kill the rest of the clock. But if they didn't pick up the yard, or missed the field goal, the Rams would have great field position.

While the coaching staff pondered their next move, quarterback Tom Brady adamantly wanted Belichick to send out kicker Stephen Gostkowski with a chance to ice the game.

"Why don't we just kick the field goal? It's a 40-yarder," he said. "40-yarder and the game is over."

Gostkowski had missed a 46-yard attempt in the first half, but Brady was confident the veteran kicker would seal the victory for the Patriots. He did just that, making it a two-score game by splitting the uprights.

The Patriots Knew Jared Goff Would Make A Mistake

On the L.A. possession just before Gostkowski's game-sealing kick, the Patriots defense picked off Rams quarterback Jared Goff deep in New England territory. Given the way the D was pestering Goff all game, several offensive players on the Patriots had a feeling Goff would make a critical mistake.

"Goff's going to give us one," said running back James White. "Watch. He's trying to make a home run right now."

Goff went looking for Brandin Cooks on the play, but he telegraphed the throw and then left the ball short, leading to an easy pick for Stephon Gilmore (who called it one of the easiest interceptions of his career).

And after the play, Belichick actually showed some emotion on the field.

"Intercept it!" the coach yelled before raising his arms after Gilmore made the pick. "Right there!"

Sean McVay Had No Shot Against Belichick

Sean McVay was very complimentary of Belichick ahead of the game. Maybe a little too complimentary. The 33-year-old almost seemed star-struck when chatting with Belichick.

"Like you know man, so much respect for you," McVay said. "You're the best."

"Likewise, you've done a great job," Belichick said.

But McVay was not done with his praise. Far from it.

"You always do though. You've been doing it, you know, you're the best, man," continued McVay. "The way that you guys are able to shift your identity and really still be able to figure it out week in and week out, it's unbelievable, man. Really, so much respect for you and the way you do it, man. You're what's right about coaching."

That's a lot of respect. But then when the game started, McVay probably should have made an adjustment or two.

Matthew Slater Was Pumped For Edelman

Special teams captain Matthew Slater is one of the emotional leaders of the team. And no one was more excited for MVP Julian Edelman than Slater (maybe Brady) after the game. The two, who used to be roommates in their early days in Foxboro, shared a long embrace on the field after Edelman was named MVP:

Belichick Was So Excited That Edelman Got Away With Calling Him "Grandpa"

After Brady took a knee to run out the clock, we saw a side of Belichick that we rarely see. The coach was happy. Heck, the coach was downright giddy, running around and hugging anyone he could while proclaiming 'We're champions!"

He was in such a good mood, he didn't even react when Edelman called him "Grandpa" as he handed off his three-year-old granddaughter, Blakely.

Edelman knew he made a boo-boo, because after calling him grandpa he followed it up with an ", coach!"

Belichick either didn't hear it, or didn't care. The Patriots were champs, after all.

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