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Patriots Share Troy Brown Highlights On Franchise Legend's 50th Birthday

BOSTON (CBS) -- Brace yourselves, Patriots fans, because you're about to feel old.

Troy Brown turned 50 on Friday.

The Patriots legend has been a part of the organization since he was drafted in the eighth round way back in 1993. It took a few years for Brown to gain some playing time, but he slowly worked his way into the offense throughout the '90s. He had his first real breakout season as a receiver in 2000, his eighth NFL season. And he remained a critical member of the Patriots through their first dynastic run.

Brown's impact on the franchise can't be overstated. That's why he was inducted to the Patriots Hall of Fame in 2012. He played on offense, defense, and special teams, and he was certainly a favorite of Bill Belichick -- who's now once again his boss, albeit in a different way.

And while Brown's entire career would be impossible to sum up in a 60-second video, the Patriots did a solid job of encapsulating some of the unforgettable, franchise-altering plays he made in a video shared to Twitter.

That video includes:

--Brown's 55-yard punt return for a touchdown in the 2001 AFC Championship Game in Pittsburgh.

--Brown's blocked field goal recovery and heads-up lateral to Antwan Harris for another touchdown in the '01 AFCCG. The Patriots won that game 24-17.

--Brown's strip on Marlon McCree, a heady play that saved the Patriots from a certain playoff loss in San Diego in the 2006 divisional round. The Patriots completed the comeback and won the game.

--Brown's 82-yard touchdown reception in overtime in Miami in 2003, which gave the Patriots their first win in Miami since 1997.

--Brown intercepting Drew Bledsoe, his former quarterback, in 2004.

--Brown intercepting Jon Kitna in the end zone in the fourth quarter of a tight game in Cincinnati. The Patriots won by seven points.

That's certainly not all of Brown's contributions to the franchise, but it's a nice snapshot into one of the most important players in Patriots history.

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