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Report: Patriots Were Only Team To Offer Cam Newton A Contract

BOSTON (CBS) -- Cam Newton agreed to a one-year deal with the Patriots, a contract full of incentives with a maximum value of $7.5 million.

Richard Sherman said that dollar amount was "disgusting" for a league MVP, which may be true. Yet it's also indicative of a free-agent market that simply did not exist for Newton.

On his podcast, Adam Schefter shared that the Patriots were the only team to extend a contract offer to Newton. Not only that -- only two teams total even spoke to Newton during his four months of free agency.

"The truth of the matter is that Cam Newton did not have any other offers from any other teams," Schefter said. "There was nobody that was calling him and lighting up his phone trying to recruit him to a certain city. There was one other team that did have one conversation with him -- it was very brief, it didn't go very far -- but the Cleveland Browns did speak to Cam Newton at one point in time. But those talks never really went anywhere. They did with New England."

It's not often that the Patriots and Browns are ever alone in any category together, but Schefter's tidbit shows just how quiet the market for Newton was this offseason.

Now, coming off a lost season and two other seasons hampered by shoulder injuries, Newton will be setting out to prove everybody in the NFL wrong for overlooking him.

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