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It Looks Like Patriots Showed Off The Wrong Pants In New Uniform Announcement

BOSTON (CBS) -- It appears the Patriots uniform announcement from Monday should be flagged for a false start. It looks as though the team showed off the wrong trousers in its official announcement.

The eagle-eyed uniform aficionados at UniWatch spotted the difference as Patriots players James White and Stephon Gilmore began strutting their stuff in the new(ish) threads Monday afternoon.

As you can see in White's photo, there are two thick red stripes with a thin white stripe down the leg on his fancy new pants:

That's different from the pants the Patriots showed off in their Monday morning announcement, which featured two thin red stripes with a larger white stripe down the middle:

Patriots Pants
A photo of the "new" pants the Patriots will wear in 2020, though they appear to be the wrong trousers. (Screen Grab from

Clearly, those stripes don't match. Uniwatch reached out to the Patriots to confirm which pants are the ones the team will be wearing in 2020, but did not hear back. Images focusing on the pants no longer appear in the gallery of the new uniforms on as of Tuesday morning.

Uniwatch did hear from "a trusted source who has access to the NFL Style Guide," who has confirmed that the pants in White's and Gilmore's Instagram posts are the ones the Patriots will be wearing in 2020.

It's an unfortunate mixup for the Patriots, as it looks like they just used the "Color Rush" pants they featured last season and not the new pants for 2020 in their photo shoot.

Fans have had mixed feelings on the new unis, with most longing for the red "Pat Patriot" getup, which the team hopes to bring back in 2021 when NFL helmet rules become more relaxed. And most of the criticism with the new uniforms for 2020 centers around the very pants that have caused so much confusion, as New England will be wearing those blue pants both at home and on the road. Fans aren't too keen on the White Jersey-Blue Pants combo that the team will sport away from Gillette Stadium, and as many have pointed out, the pants don't match New England's silver helmet.

Mix in a little stripe confusion, and New England's first uniform change in 20 years is off to a pretty rocky start.

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