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Patriots Likely To Host Cowboys In 2021 As 17th Game

BOSTON (CBS) -- With the NFL moving full speed ahead toward a 17-game regular season, there's now some clarity on what that schedule will look like for NFL teams.

For the Patriots, it appears as though it will lead to a home game against the Dallas Cowboys.

NBC Sports' Peter King laid out the formula for the 17-game season. In short, it will pit the AFC East vs. the NFC East in 2021, with teams playing the corresponding team in the other division based on which place the team finished in 2020.

With the Patriots finishing in third place in the AFC East and the Cowboys finishing in third place in the NFC East, they'll be set to play in 2021.

King also noted that the AFC will host the extra game in 2021, and the NFC will host them in 2022, and the conferences will switch every season. That means AFC teams will have nine home games in 2021, while the NFC will have nine home games a year later.

The Patriots hosted the Cowboys in 2019, a game which the Patriots won 13-9. The Patriots have won six straight games against the Cowboys, dating back to 1999. Prior to that, the Patriots went 0-7 vs. Dallas from 1971-96.

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