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Kyle Van Noy Says NFL Drug Tested Him After Monster Game Vs. Falcons

BOSTON (CBS) -- Kyle Van Noy had one of the best games of his career on Thursday night. He was rewarded with a drug test on Friday morning.

The Pats' linebacker had eight tackles, two sacks, and an interception that he returned for a touchdown in the Patriots' 25-0 win over the Falcons on Thursday evening. He was no doubt feeling rather good after the game, but the celebration might have been dampened a bit when he was required to prove on Friday morning that he was not hopped up on banned substances.

"Yoooo y'all won't believe this…… I make a couple plays last night and guess what happens??? The
@NFL is drug testing me today," Van Noy tweeted just after 10 a.m. on Friday. "You can't make this up!"

While that's certainly not how Van Noy wanted to spend his Friday, he's not alone in getting the drug-testing treatment from the NFL after a notable performance on national TV. Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan recently complained about the same thing, Jaguars kicker Matthew Wright had it happen to him in October, and Myles Garrett has opined that his massive guns have inspired the NFL to test him a little extra often.

In that sense, the "random" selection for drug testing is kind of an honor. Van Noy can be forgiven for not quite seeing it the same exact way.

Later in the day, Van Noy was a guest on The Pat McAfee Show and described his reaction.

"I was pissed!" he said. "I'm like, I got three hours of sleep. What the hell is this dude texting me, telling me I got a piss test already? I felt good about myself for a little bit. I was like man, this is what it feels like to be Myles Garrett for a little bit."

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