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Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick Is In The Danger Zone

BOSTON (CBS) -- Bill Belichick sat down in front of the media -- by way of Zoom -- on Wednesday. As soon as he did, his choice of attire was immediately noticeable.

Rather than his standard Patriots hoodie, Belichick was sporting a Top Gun-inspired sweatshirt, with the words "DANGER ZONE" emblazoned on the chest.

If that's where Belichick finds himself as the playoffs begin, then the league better watch out.

Of course, any time Belichick does anything, Twitter reacts. This was obviously no exception.

If you're curious, the hoodie comes from the 2019 season, when the Patriots' special teamers decided they wanted to be known as ... the danger zone. Perhaps long snapper's Joe Cardona's Navy status factored in to the decision, and Belichick's affinity and appreciation for all things U.S. military makes it a no-doubter of a fashion choice for the Patriots' head coach.

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