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Gronkowski Nearly Walks Out On CBS Interview When Asked About Aaron Hernandez

BOSTON (CBS) - The entire Gronkowski family opened up for an interview with CBS This Morning, but one thing they wouldn't talk about was the arrest of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.

"Next question," Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowsi said when asked about his former tight end counterpart in New England. "I learned that from (agent) Drew Rosenhaus."

Asked how he felt when hearing the news, Gronkowski gave another "next question," drawing laughter from his brothers.

Rob Gronkowski Doesn't Want To Talk About Aaron Hernandez: 

That's when CBS' Don Dahler shifted his attention to Rob's father, Gord, who also said he wouldn't comment. Rob then stood up and nearly walked out of the interview, but sat back down when Dahler changed the subject.

While they wouldn't talk about Hernandez, the Gronkowskis had plenty to say about growing up in a household with five, larger-than-normal-and-still-growing boys.

Father Gord, in hopes of getting each of his boys a scholarship for college, made sure his sons were active while growing up. With five sons and all that physical activity, of course there was some rough-housing -- and Rob was the one who received most of the beatings.

"He would ask for it," one Gronkowski brother said (it wasn't clear which one).

"I needed to get ready for my future," Rob said, drawing laughter from his family.

With their physical-style of play, the Gronk Brothers (three of whom are in the NFL, with another a minor league pitcher) have had their fair share of injuries as well. Just last season Rob broke his left forearm -- twice -- and is still recovering from a fourth surgery on the arm in addition to off-season back surgery.

So while it's fun to see his boys hit the field every Sunday, it's also fairly nerve-wracking for Papa Gronk.

"You can never enjoy a game when your sons are playing, first of all because of injuries. I just pray the night before that no one gets hurt... It's the worst when it's your family. That's the worst feeling every," he said getting a bit teary-eyed, putting a hand on Rob's shoulder.

Gronkowskis On Injuries In Sports: 

"We're not really worrying about ourselves like that," said Rob. "We're going out focusing on the game to make a play. We don't think like that as football players."

Report: Gronk Begins Rehab With Patriots Trainers

Gronkowski could miss the beginning of the regular season as he recovers, but in his typical fashion, said he is feeling good as he makes his way back to the field.

"How am I feeling? Great," Gronkowski said. "I'm feeling good man, definitely."

For an inside look at the Gronkowski Family, check out Don Dahler's report from CBS This Morning.

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