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Patriots Share First Glimpse At Newest Super Bowl Rings In Teaser Video

BOSTON (CBS) -- In what is becoming an annual tradition of sorts, the Patriots will be receiving their rings for winning Super Bowl LIII on Thursday night.

That's hyperbole, of course, as the Patriots don't win the Super Bowl every year. They do take some occasional breaks to let some other franchises join in on the fun.

But, given their regularity for winning titles, the unveiling of the new Super Bowl rings has become an event unto itself whenever it happens here in New England. As such, the Patriots built up some hype on Wednesday by sharing the following video that shows a few first looks at what this year's rings will look like:

It's unclear exactly how the rings will look -- it is a teaser video, after all -- but it feels safe to assume it'll include a whole lot of Lombardis and a whole lot of diamonds.

In the past, the rings have had unique quirks. After winning Super Bowl LI, each ring had 283 diamonds -- a nod to the comeback from 28-3 to beat the Falcons. (That detail didn't sit well with Falcons owner Arthur Blank.)

Here's a look at the first four Super Bowl rings, for reference:

Super Bowl XLIX Ring
(Photo credit: New England Patriots-Jostens)

And here's a look at the rings from Super Bowl LI:

Super Bowl Ring
Patriots Super Bowl LI ring (Image credit @Patriots/Twitter)

Perfecting the art of championship ring design is something that, given all of their practice doing it, the Patriots always seem to get right.

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