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Pats Fans Return From 'Awesome' Super Bowl In Houston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Just as the Patriots make a triumphant return to New England Monday, hundreds of Patriots fans made the trek back to Boston through the air from Houston.

"Five times baby, five times!," a fan said.

"Woo, yeah, Tom Brady!"

Logan Airport was awash in blue jerseys and red bleary eyes.

"You have't slept? No, I haven't slept in probably almost 30 hours," a fan told WBZ.

"There was nothing better than that game. That was it. There will be nothing better than that game," another fan said.

"It was awesome. Are you OK? I'm fine, just too much yelling," a female fan said in a tired voice.

And yet, they're still talking, fueled by the euphoria that had jolted them from certain defeat at one point.

"My dad was sitting next to me. He was like, 'Let's just go.' "

Patriot Fans Return to Logan
Patriot fans return to Boston at Logan Airport Monday. (WBZ-TV)

"Honestly if we had left, I don't know what I would have done. I don't know what I would have done," a fan said.

Life lessons for young and old. In this family's case, three generations.

"At some point, it didn't look so good, but I never gave up on Tom Brady," a young fan said.

"Lotta screaming. Lotta yelling," his dad said.

Dan Frederico has been a fan for 51 years. He's only been to one game. He says the only one that mattered.

"The temperature extremes were kind of interesting. Now it's freezing. Welcome home," Frederico said.

So many tired faces. So many weak and cracking voices. So many stories for these folks to bring home now. Exhausted, but not one regret.

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