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Patriots-Colts Week 6 Predictions

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's the weekend Patriots fans have waited for ever since the DeflateGate saga began, another meeting on the field with the Indianapolis Colts.

This is no ordinary rematch of last year's AFC Championship game. The Patriots, though they won't say it, are ready to exact some revenge for what the team had to deal with the last eight months. The Colts, though they won't say it, feel wronged by whatever funny business went on with the game balls prior to New England's victory in January.

The predictions are getting a little wild, with many expecting a New England blowout. Here's how the WBZ-TV, WBZ NewsRadio and 98.5 The Sports Hub sports team sees Sunday night's game playing out in Indy:

Steve Burton, WBZ-TV Sports

I really don't need to say anything this week except for the final score.

Patriots 42, Colts 14

Dan Roche, WBZ-TV Sports

With all that has happened since the AFC Championship game, you have to think the Patriots will be out to destroy this Colts team. The only question in my mind is, how?

Will New England continue to try to run, run, run like they have the previous three matchups? Or does Tom Brady pick them apart? Either way, the only way this isn't a blowout is if the Patriots turn the ball over multiple times or Luck has the passing game of his life.

Patriots 55, Colts 17

Levan Reid, WBZ-TV Sports

The Tom Brady Revenge Tour has reached the team that started it all. If you don't think the Pats are taking this game personally, then you haven't been following this team. New England wants to win every game, but they want to smash the Colts this weekend.

Here's what you need to know: The Pats are putting up points at a record pace and unless you can get after Brady and stay after him, you may not have a chance.  In this game though, New England may go with their Colts approach. When they play Indianapolis, they run the ball and run the ball and they win. LeGarrette Blount and Dion Lewis will be running the rock. In the offseason, Indy needed to address their defensive needs and they did not, so the Pats may stick with their winning Colts formula. Run the ball and when the Colts stuff the box, unleash the Gronk and the Minitron. This has worked in the past.

The Colts are getting Andrew Luck back and maybe he can give them some life. Matt Hasselback did a great job filling in but the teams they faced (Jaguars and Texans) were not the NFL's elite. Luck will need protection and right now the Indy line cannot do that. They will try to hand the ball off to Frank Gore to get started and maybe use more of Coby Fleener but in the end, the Pats have too much right now and they are playing at a very high level.

Patriots 35, Colts 20

Adam Kaufman, 98.5 The Sports Hub/WBZ 1030 AM

The last time I looked, the line for this game was 10 points and the over-under stood at 55.

That's a joke, right?

Betting on the Pats to trounce the Colts by double-digits is the safest money in the world and, honestly, it's entirely possible New England will score 55 points alone. Indianapolis plans on finding the scoreboard with a kick or two, too, right?

No matter what Tom Brady says, this is the most important game to him on the regular season schedule. But, instead of returning for his first action of the year had he been suspended, he'll continue to cement his bid for NFL MVP.

Patriots 42, Colts 14

Mike "Sarge" Riley 98.5 The Sports Hub/WBZ 1030 AM

The day has arrived!

Andrew Luck back for the Colts? No problem. I expect at least two interceptions for the Pats D and the front line sacks Luck three times.

Julian Edelman scores two touchdowns, Brady throws for 400 yards on a depleted Colts D and has one of those patented QB sneaks for a TD himself. Plus, LeGarette Blount and Dion Lewis will be a two-headed monster and combine for 200-plus rushing yards.

The Pats are saying they're treating this like any other game. You know they're not and will go all out on Sunday night.

Patriots 38, Colts 17

Rob "Hardy" Poole, 98.5 The Sports Hub

Up in Indiana where the tall corn grows,
Do a little thinkin' 'bout a girl named Rose.
Hair blonde as hay and long as a row,
Up in Indiana where the tall corn grows,
And the Patriots win 39-16.

Tune in to Patriots-Colts Sunday night on 98.5 The Sports Hub — the flagship station of the New England Patriots. Pregame coverage begins at 5:30pm, with three hours of postgame coverage following the game. WBZ-TV gets you ready Sunday morning with Patriots GameDay at 11:30am, and after the game catch Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's press conferences live on Patriots 5th Quarter!

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