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Stop Asking Bill Belichick To Compare Patriots' Losses To Chiefs

BOSTON (CBS) -- A few hours of sleep and another look at Thursday night's 42-27 loss to the Chiefs didn't improve the mood of Bill Belichick.

The Patriots head coach was still rather grumpy when chatting with reporters on a conference call on Friday morning, just a few hours after expounding on how poorly his team played in their season-opener on Thursday night.

Less than 12 hours after his postgame press conference, Belichick's message was the same: Everyone has to be better.

"Yeah, I think I said last night, we need to do a better job on everything. And it's everything, so that includes everybody – players, coaches, everybody, all of us," said Belichick.

Hit with questions about individual performances or in-game decisions, Belichick continued to give his company line that nothing was good enough on Thursday and everyone has to improve.

Belichick was also once again asked to compare Thursday night's loss with the 2014 drubbing at the hands of the Chiefs. That Week 4 embarrassment (and all the hot takes that followed) got the Patriots rolling that season en route to another Super Bowl title, and Belichick was asked if Thursday night's loss could have a similar effect on this year's team.

It was a question he didn't want to deal with on Thursday night, and certainly wan't in the mood to hear again on Friday.

"I think I said it a thousand times. I think we've got a lot of work to do. I don't think anything that we did really was good enough. I'm not really interested in living in the past in 2014, 2015, 2003, 2004, which constantly keeps coming up," he growled back. "I mean, everything's about some other year but this year and this team. I don't really think all that's relevant because we're talking about another team, but we've got a thousand questions about it every week. So, I'm really concerned about the 2017 team, what this team is, what this team needs to do. I'm not trying to live in the past like everybody else is."

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