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Patriots-Bengals Week 15 Predictions

BOSTON (CBS) -- The Patriots have had a tough go at things over the last four weeks. Their wins have not come easy, and their losses have been of the gut-wrenching variety. They've dropped three of their last five games, and the sky is apparently falling for a 10-3 team that currently sits as the AFC's No. 2 seed.

But fret no more. They have a date with the 1-12 Cincinnati Bengals this weekend, and now find themselves embroiled in another scandal. No team gets up on outside noise like the Patriots, and at the moment, it's blaring louder than Bon Jovi at a Patriots practice.

The Patriots have feasted on inferior opponents this season, and they should enjoy a healthy serving of Cincinnati chili this weekend. We've been split on outcomes in this spot the last few weeks, but that is not the case this weekend. Not against the Bengals.

Here is everyone on the WBZ-TV and CBS Boston sports team picking the Patriots this weekend:

Steve Burton, WBZ-TV Sports

On to Cincinnati. And at 1-12, the Bengals may be just what the doctor ordered for the Patriots to snap their two-game skid. In fact, this game may be just what the Pats need to jump start December and head into the playoffs with their confidence rising.

The Patriots have the best coaches in the league and they know how to make adjustments going forward. As far as outside distractions, it just brings the Pats closer together.

Patriots 28, Bengals 10

Dan Roche, WBZ-TV Sports

The Patriots are down to three games in their 2019 regular season and they need to get back on track. The defense should be fine going forward as they get ready for another postseason. The offense needs to get in a rhythm and on the same page too. The trust factor has been widely discussed when it comes to Tom Brady. I'm looking forward to watching Brady and the wide receiver corps as well as the O-line working on the run game this weekend. I don't think this game will be easy.

Patriots 28, Bengals 13

Levan Reid, WBZ-TV Sports

This could be a get healthy game for the Patriots. As much as Bill Belichick lauded the Bengals and what they do, they are 1-12 for a reason.

Belichick mentioned that Cincy's record doesn't indicate how they play, but in my mind, it does show how they finish. The Bengals do not play strong all the time and they have only finished strong once.

The Pats should get the victory in this game, which will clinch a playoff berth and get the team back on track.

Patriots 30, Bengals 7

Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

There are plenty of weeks where it would be appropriate to note that things are not going great for the Patriots this year. This is not one of those weeks.

The Bengals emerged from a crowded field of contenders to lay claim to being the worst team in the NFL this season. They are, quite simply, the pits.

Patriots 33, Bengals 6

Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

The Patriots are pretty mad right now. Mad at themselves for not being able to score points on offense, and mad at the world because of these new cheating accusations. They're going to take it out on the Bengals this weekend.

Will the offense break out of their slump? Who knows. But expect another big weekend from the defense. Andy Dalton has started 10 games this season, and he's been sacked 32 times. The Bengals have given up 42 sacks on the year, meaning their O-line is worse than the Patriots.

Beating the tar out of the Bengals won't cure everything that currently ails the Patriots, but at least they'll feel a lot better about themselves.

Patriots 24, Bengals 6

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