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Patrick Chung Posts Picture Of 23 Stitches On Arm After Surgery From Super Bowl Injury

BOSTON (CBS) -- Football players are all pretty tough. Patrick Chung ranks among the toughest.

That's why it was startling to see the veteran Patriots safety remain down on the turf for an extended time during Super Bowl LIII. Throughout his career, Chung's been known to play through some seriously painful injuries, so it was evident immediately during the Super Bowl that he had suffered a serious injury.

That injury turned out to be a broken arm, which Chung has already had surgically repaired. And to help share some details of that surgery with the world, Chung posted a picture of the 23 stitches used to put his arm back together following surgery.

You can see the picture by clicking here. We won't embed it, in case any squeamish people accidentally ended up on this page.

"23 stitches. Coincidence??? I think not! Hahaha #keepbeingsavage is my new hash!!" Chung wrote for the caption.

Chung also posted a video with his arm in a sling last week following surgery, boldly declaring, "I'm right back! I'm right back! I'm right back!"

Earlier that day, Chung posted a picture of him lying on the turf during the Super Bowl, with the caption, "The pain, the sacrifice, the tears. Was all worth it! #leavealegacy #foreverhonored"

With one surgery out of the way, Chung is planning on undergoing another surgery this offseason -- this time on his shoulder. We'll all have to keep an eye on his Instagram

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