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Passengers Recall Dangerous Ride On Unmanned Red Line Train

BRAINTREE (CBS) -- Rick Aurelio had no idea the Red Line train he had boarded around 6 a.m. out of Braintree had no operator at the helm.

"We were lucky to get out of there it could have been a lot worse," Aurelio said.

About 50 passengers were on board the Red Line train just after 6 am Thursday when it passed through four stations without an operator.

He had no idea there was trouble until he realized the train was passing through stations.

"I closed my eyes for a second and the next thing you know we're going by North Quincy, I mean it was moving," he said.

It was a seemingly regular commute for passenger Fernanda Daly until the lights went out and the train stopped between stations.

"We knocked on the door of the driver and nobody was there.  It was all dark and quiet, we had no idea what was going on.  It was kind of scary at first and I'm thinking I want to get out of here," said Daly.

She says it was at least a half hour until MBTA employees boarded the train after shutting down the third rail to get it to stop between North Quincy and JFK/UMASS.  Passengers already wanted out.

"Some people were trying to break the windows," said Daly.  "Most people were trying to open the door."

She said passengers also tried to call the MBTA's emergency line but there was no answer with the level of concern escalating.

"Nothing it was all dark and really weird," she said.

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