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Party Like It's 2007: The Patriots Are Loading Up

BOSTON (CBS) - The Patriots agreed to terms with Darrelle Revis on a (complicated) one-year deal earlier this week, but before you go packing your bags for Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale wait until the team is done "loading up."

Assuming the Patriots grant Vince Wilfork's request for a release, the team would have roughly $17-$18 million in cap space, which frees them up to sign even more talented players to the roster.

Losing Vince Wilfork is tough when you consider all he's done in a Patriots uniform, but it's a move that has to be made regardless of the fans' attachment to the player.

On the outside looking in, it appears New England is doing the exact thing Robert Kraft said they wouldn't do: Load up for a Super Bowl.

"I think they're loading up just like they did in 2007. The Patriots aren't done bringing in significant pieces," said Adam Jones Thursday night.

Jones admits a lot of his speculation is based on projecting out towards the future, but there's some similarities to be drawn between the two years.

1.) The Patriots signed Adalius Thomas almost as soon as free agency began in 2007 - the same as Revis in 2014.

2.) Both offseasons were preceded by bad playoff losses to Peyton Manning (2006 & 2013 AFC Championship games).

3.) They didn't have good receivers in 2006 and went out and addressed that problem.

"Everybody makes fun of the 2006 receiving core and rightfully so. There's nobody Tom Brady should have been throwing to all that season, and they made it up to him that next year," said Rich Keefe.

4.) The defense couldn't stop Peyton Manning when it mattered

"It's a shame that that's what it comes to with Bill Belichick. Apparently, on the surface anyway, it takes Peyton Manning beating the Patriots for you to respond and get out of their comfort zone. I guess that's what it takes," said Jones.

Based on the moves Denver has made already (not to mention getting the upper hand en route to the Super Bowl), the Patriots must keep up the pace just to be the top team in the conference, never mind that elusive fourth ring for Brady and Belichick.

"When you have the best offense in the history of football in your conference you're not even gonna get to the Super Bowl if you can't slow them down somehow," said Rich Keefe.

"They're not done in free agency. It's only day three. To get the best corner in the game and pay him the most money for a corner, they had to do that. It's a combination of Peyton Manning, but it's also realizing you have Tom Brady and a Super Bowl window here."

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The Patriots Are Loading Up


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