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Paranormal Experts Search For Ghosts At Middleboro Town Hall

MIDDLEBORO (CBS) – A team of four paranormal investigators will spend all of Friday night combing every square inch of the Town Hall in Middleboro. The expedition is exciting for all of them, but it is a long time coming for Phillip Brunelle.

He grew up here in Middleboro, hearing the tales of the haunted town hall.

"Ultimately it would be great to be able to substantiate some of the stories that I've heard," he says.

The building is a town hall now, but it's also served as a police department, a jail, a courthouse, and a morgue.

"The building is no stranger to death," Brunelle explains.

And it is also no stranger to this kind of attention.

The board of selectmen here get requests all the time for paranormal teams to come in and poke around.

The board's vice chairman, Allin Frawley, typically volunteers as tour guide.

He's heard the stories about the hauntings here, but he's not sure.

"I have no idea. Does the possibility exist? That's above my pay grade," he says.

Part of the team tonight is a Massachusetts-based psychic, Corinne Martin, who says she felt a strong energy from the Town Hall even as she was driving here.

"I also get the feeling that there's a dominant masculine presence here that has a tendency to stand over people, especially women and kind of breathe down their necks and make them feel uncomfortable," she says.

Workers here have reported hearing voices and phantom footsteps, seeing flashes of light and feeling vast changes in temperature.

Local ghost-hunter Brunelle would love to see that too.

"I am hoping that it is something paranormal. I am hoping to capture something like that," he says.

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